Say whaaat?  That’s right.  I said it.  I might have to put myself in Twitter time-out until the holidays are over.  I keep seeing these headlines and I have to fight the urge to unfollow every single person who posts some crap like that. Sorry, I’m not sorry.

The holiday season comes but once a year.  It’s an excuse to gather with your friends and family. These gatherings, if you’re lucky, are laden with treats.  If you want to avoid holiday weight gain, don’t eat all the food.  Or do.  You’ll probably lose that weight once you return to normal eating habits anyway.

I understand that this may sound insensitive… But let’s be real.  I have been overweight and underweight.  I have been on a diet during the holidays.  I have binged like a crazy person at the holidays. What works for me…?  Acting normal – eating an extra helping at dinner because it was so good, sampling the sweet treats, eating vegetables, baking new recipes (and testing them all myself!), drinking wine, drinking champagne and enjoying myself.

Here’s my “How to Avoid Holiday Weight Gain” advice:

Don’t eat too, too much.  Too much is ok.  Too, too much, not ok.  Run around a little. Stop eating too much after January 1st.  Splendid.

The Thanksgiving Binge

“But Katie, I have been doing really well on my diet and don’t want to backslide.” Well, imaginary audience member, squeeze in one extra workout each week OR double the intensity on one workout.  At parties, limit yourself to two cocktails (yes, you are an adult and it’s ok to not get sloshed).  Don’t try EVERY dessert on the dessert table.  Enjoy yourself but be mindful, not obsessive.

“It’s hard to fit my workouts in with all of my obligations.” We all make time for the things that are important to us.  Family in town?  Convince someone to run with you!  Get up before work to workout when you have an evening obligation.  Convince a co-worker to go on a brisk walk at lunchtime.  Everything adds up.  It doesn’t have to be all-or-nothing.

Avoid pendulum extremes. Be  balanced

To review:

Enjoy yourself this holiday season!! 

I hope you all have a great Thanksgiving tomorrow!